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An innovative tech solutions
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Dedicated to the Pursuit of Safer Driving:

Our mission is to make roads safer and distraction free!


Innovative tech solutions

Bluesona is an innovative tech solutions provider dedicated to the pursuit of safer driving.

Our digital software applications combined with cutting edge hardware products create an optimised solution to reduce driver distraction.

Transparent data

We provide you with organised accurate data for your entire customer base.

Dedicated support

Bluesona provide top quality support with all of our enterprise applications.

Driver education

Our goal is to educate drivers on the dangers caused by mobile phone use while driving.

Bluesona’s flagship product! Simplifying the complex problem of Distraction Driving

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Taking the Confusion out of Driving

We have developed multiple pathways for Insurers to view and retrieve beneficial data, using our online administrative portal. Insurers can get a complete breakdown and chart view of each drivers behaviour, or access their users data securely and directly with their Bluesona API.

Benefits for Insurers

We help insurers redefine their customer experience and offer a tailored product portfolio, meaningful analytics and streamlined processes. Our products provide enriched data to evaluate policies, claims and Identify fraud as well as deliver bespoke products that are transparent, quick and easy-to-use. With our Next Generation telematics end-users experience will be improved and simplified.

Prevention Before Repair

Bluesona protects people, not just cars and we believe in prevention before repair. Drivers who use our products will feel safer and more responsible on the roads. Clients can evolve from transactional relationships to build consumer loyalty with a frictionless customer experience, while drivers can improve their on-road reputation and reap the rewards.

Fleet Management

Bluesona offer driver centric solutions to fleet managers which helps to protect and increase driver safety. Using our distracted free driving products managers can get a complete overview of any drivers phone misuse while on the job.

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