Mission Statement

Our products help to change driver behaviour and reduce cost.

Data-driven software helps redefine your customer experience, radicalise company policy and deliver innovative products that meet modern market demands.

Founded on the principle of protection over repair, Bluesona simply encourages drivers to stay safe on the road. Whilst empowering companies to meet the expectations of digital-savvy drivers who gravitate towards rewards-based relationships and individualised products. Our insightful technology enables clients to evolve from traditional transactional exchanges to relationships defined by driver loyalty, openness, honesty, and trust.


Partnering with Bluesona is a way to meet market demands through products innovation to evolve, learn and challenge the traditional telematics competition, by incorporating our solutions into your operational strategies to boost your profitability.

Growing and developing through open and honest strategic collaboration will help your company to redefine your drivers experience, and offer a more tailored product portfolio, meaningful analytics, and streamlined processes.


Our smart, connected product will transform your business with valuable predictive analytics and insight that make it ideal for an industry that operates on the principle of calculated risk.

Bluesona’s SAAS based products are designed to fit your company, we pride ourselves in our ability to integrate with your company needs. We support the radical change of policy construction required for companies to prosper within this changing business landscape.