6 Things Consumers Are Looking for In Their Car Insurance Provider

Customers know what they want from their insurance company today and will vote with their wallets if their provider isn’t giving them what they want. Here are the 6 things consumers are looking for in their car insurance provider: 1. Competence and Integrity Nobody wants to have to contact their insurance company; that’s the truth. […]

6 Ways To Avoid Being Distracted While Driving

Avoiding becoming distracted when you’re driving sounds simple, but a significant number of people struggle with it. It’s sometimes not as easy as saying “don’t do X” or the “law says you shouldn’t do Y” because people still get distracted – despite knowing this information.  What people need is a method to avoid distraction, ways […]

Insurance Trends in 2021: Are You Keeping Up?

As the world recovers from 2020, a lot has changed, and the motor insurance industry needs to acknowledge this and adapt – or risk being left behind. Customer habits evolved in 2020 and many of these changes could end up being permanent. Here’s how insurance companies can keep up with new trends.   The Rise […]

Insurers: Ending The Danger of Distracted Driving With LoopMatics

Distracted driving is becoming a bigger problem than ever before. It’s a menace that has grown steadily as the public have become more reliant on their smartphones. Smartphone addiction is a leading cause of distracted driving, and it’s costing more than just higher premiums. Some people simply struggle to remain focused through no fault of […]

What Is Mobile Telematics & How Can It Keep You Safer On The Roads?

lady holding phone in window with loopmatics on screen

Mobile telematics refers to a range of products that keep track of the driver’s data. This is recorded in an effort to identify trends that can then be turned into practical advice to encourage safer driving.  Motor insurance companies usually offer it through expert third-party organisations that supply them. This helps insurers provide more accurate […]

Insurers: What Can You Do To Help Your Customers Become Safer Drivers?

Every good insurance company knows the key to success is making sure their customers are safe and road accidents are kept to a minimum. This way they can continue to offer the best coverage for the most affordable price. However, they need their customers to also play their part, and drive as safely as they […]

Bluesona announces partnership with German technology provider

Bluesona Brings Telematics Plug from Bosch into the Loop   Bluesona, the Northern Ireland based company, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary from Robert Bosch GmbH and is a globally leading sensor-device provider. The combination of Bluesona’s innovative distracted […]

Protect insureds and seize the telematics market opportunity

man in car behind the wheel

In recent years, the growing field of telematics has been at the forefront of a collective response to address the motor casualty rates especially among young drivers. Recent research has also confirmed in a bid to fight dangers while driving, collisions, and fatality rates that telematics is here to stay. Whilst inexperience and speed are […]

RAC spotlights the road risks of young driver distraction

person using mobile phone while in car

Getting behind the wheel drivers are faced with many potential distractions that can increase their risk of collision. With the increase in mobile phone ownership over recent years for all age demographics, its usage when driving for young drivers who are often inexperienced drivers already, all too often increases the risk of collision even more […]