Even your most experienced drivers can be distracted by a call or text.

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Commercial driver safety  

In the UK, commercial vehicles are involved in nearly 1 in 5 road deaths – and that figure continues to grow. When drivers spend their working days behind the wheel, a responsibility falls upon employers to help them stay focused.


Stay in the Loop with the unique system that promotes the safe driving of commercial vehicles. Developed to minimise smartphone distraction whilst driving, Bluesona’s innovative device helps your drivers stay safe on the road.

 Loop System and your commercial drivers 

Comprised of an adaptable in-vehicle cuff and an intuitive mobile app, Loop allows Fleet Managers and other authorised staff to stay informed of their drivers’ phone use while driving. The system restricts the usage of distracting smartphone functions such as messaging and social media apps. When drivers are in the vehicle with their phone placed in the cuff, notifications from these functions are blocked – but three specific features are permitted: Google Maps, music playlists and a speed dial to a Fleet Manager or Supervisor.


If the driver removes their phone from the cuff whilst driving, an automated SMS will be sent to a Fleet Manager or Supervisor, allowing employers to take appropriate action.

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