Bluesona builds solutions that  incentivise safe on-road behaviour


It’s easy to manage the vehicle, the difficult part is “how the driver is managed”.

Fleet management has become increasingly important due to the industry becoming more competitive and regulated. We understand that fleet managers can struggle to manage all drivers due to time constraints, or they may not like to intervene on a certain driving style but Bluesona’s solution benefits fleet managers by introducing our Virtual Intervention Manager.

Our solution simplifies communications between drivers and fleet managers allowing for a duty of care to drivers. Giving drivers the ability to self-assess their driving through the application. The clarity our data science delivers to risk management is game-changing for the Telematics and the Fleet Industry and their consumer relations.

Bluesona’s solution reduces driver risk and incentivises safer driving. Safer drivers result in reduced accidents – reducing cost in repairing vehicles, staff off work, vehicles off the road.

Founded on the principle of “protection over repair”





Bluesona supports the transformational requirements of TSPs to modernise and meet the demands of a competitive and disruptive marketplace.

TSPs have minimal intervention with their customers, this leads to a breakdown in communications and reduced customer engagement. Bluesona aims to build communication with its Virtual Intervention Manager helping TSPs to build customer relations. Bluesona SaaS solutions will help TSPs to move away from traditional technology.

By using Bluesona’s products TSPs can innovate and evolve and find a more current and modern solution. Your clients can evolve from transactional relationships to build driver loyalty with a frictionless end-to-end experience.