Changing consumer habits, the popularity, affordability, and power of mobile devices has paved the way for exponential growth in telematics.

Insurers can turn aggregated data into opportunity with precision prediction modelling and risk analysis that guide the development of consumer-centric and innovative insurance products and services.

Our algorithms can be adjusted to accommodate your company needs – our unique Virtual Intervention Manager is also customisable and scalable, this means we can set the timing and intervals of how we send out the content based on your customer needs.

Solutions to suit your needs

Innovative telematics solutions for the insurance industry

Bluesona is the strategic choice for insurers who want to improve their market position, use driving data to improve pricing, and build long-term customer relationships through closer communication. With a wide range of devices to support full telematics, soft telematics, and UBI offerings.


LoopMatics is the strategic choice for insurers who want to improve their market position


An innovative telematics solution for the insurance industry

• Easy customer onboarding
• Records drivers journeys
• Improves in-vehicle behaviour
Distraction Driving

With the growth of smartphone ownership...

Using mobile devices within cars has increased the risk of distracted driving on our roads significantly. Increased distraction and infringements can happen when drivers divert their attention towards their mobile phones resulting in decreased awareness of the road ahead.

Bluesona products increases driver focus and attention and improves the driving capability of your insureds by discouraging and reducing cognitive distractions caused by mobile phones for safer driving.

Bluesona’s UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) is powered by telematics and provides insurers a range of data based on the miles driven by a customer and other potential variables such as road type, mileage, usage and speeding.

Usage-Based Insurance

Motor insurers can provide a range of insurance policy offerings based on the data collected such as PAYD (pay as you drive) and PHYD (pay how you drive). Risk can be assessed for safer drivers to reward them with fairer and discounted insurance premiums and post-accident data can be retrieved for assessing claims.

According to Statistica, the global motor UBI market is forecast to grow to £82.88 billion by 2027, up from £12.32 billion in 2018.

Bluesona helps motor insurance providers attain a competitive advantage and increase customer retention with our UBI solutions. UBI data regarding driving behaviour can be collected from our LoopMatics device or Loop mobile application and can be sent to insurers for assessment of behavioural risk for optimised premium calculations.

Pay As You Drive
Our solutions provides insurers with a range of data including how drivers brake, accelerate, their route and time behind the wheel. Such data enables insurers to accurately gauge risk and set policy rates, as well as segment and target potential markets.
Pay How You Drive

Gauge how skilled and compliant a driver is on the road by monitoring motoring habits, such  as speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering, and distraction. Insurers can benefit from gaining customers that the traditional market neglects due to their age or other factors.

Full Telematics

Support personalised premiums for individual drivers. Full telematics improves insurers market position by rewarding careful drivers with the most competitive rates and assists the addition of high-risk drivers, who might otherwise struggle to get insurance.