Insurers: Ending The Danger of Distracted Driving With LoopMatics

Distracted driving is becoming a bigger problem than ever before. It’s a menace that has grown steadily as the public have become more reliant on their smartphones. Smartphone addiction is a leading cause of distracted driving, and it’s costing more than just higher premiums.

Some people simply struggle to remain focused through no fault of their own. The problem is that becoming distracted behind the wheel can have fatal consequences – and not just for the person who’s distracted. 

Motor insurance companies have a responsibility to their customers. Not only do they need to be there in the wake of an accident, to offer financial and legal support – but they need to play an increasingly active role in the prevention of accidents. 

This will allow insurers to keep their prices as low as can be, maintain their profitability, but above all; keep their customers safe. Insurers need to be there when accidents happen. But they also have a duty in making sure they are kept to a minimum.


Tackling Distracted Driving

Insurers can do this by engaging more with their customers, and not just when it comes to renewal time. They need to take steps to help their customers stay safe on the roads, through advice and practical support. 

When a danger like distracted driving grows in prominence, they can help raise awareness and put strategies in place to reduce the risk. Ultimately this benefits everyone.

Technology can help them in this endeavour too, especially telematics. The software that enables insurers and policyholders to work together to gain a greater understanding of danger and how to combat it.

There’s lots of telematics technology on the market today, but when it comes to tackling distracted driving Bluesona are in the lead. Their LoopMatic product is an ideal solution for insurers aiming to help their customers overcome distraction when behind the wheel. 


How Does LoopMatics Tackle Distracted Driving?

LoopMatics offers all of the benefits associated with telematics technology, but what makes it really shine is its distracted driving prevention measures. As LoopMatics works through an in-car device and a mobile application, the software knows when the user is driving and engaging with their smartphone at the same time. 

Fighting the urge to reach for a smartphone is difficult for those suffering from smartphone addiction. But many accept they need to overcome this problem, as not doing so could lead to an accident. 

Naturally, LoopMatics requires user cooperation and consent, like all telematics technology does. But those who willingly offer this will reap the rewards in time. Not just through their increased safety, but through savings in their insurance premium too. 


How It Works

LoopMatics utilises an infraction system, if a user glances at their smartphone to read a text message while driving, they will earn a minor infraction for taking their eyes off the road. The user will have needed to pick up their phone or reach across to tap the screen in order to do this. Either way, the software will record this engagement and mark the user down for it.

If however, the user picks up their phone and replies to a text message while driving, then they will earn a major infraction. Not only have they taken a dangerous risk, they’ve also broken the law. While the software will not report them to the authorities for such an act, it will record it in its log files. 

The software will later provide a report for the user, advising them what they did well and what they did wrong. Including the infractions. It will then offer some practical tips on what the user can do to avoid making the mistake again. For example, the software will offer to mute and not display notifications while the user is driving in future journeys.

The user can refuse this help, or tailor it to suit their needs. For example, the customer will earn no infractions if they receive a phone call and answer it through their car’s hands-free system. But text messages or social media notifications can still be paused while driving. 


How This Helps Insurers

Insurers will also have access to this data, and customers will know this. They will also know that their infractions can influence their insurance premium in the long term. Something that will motivate them to become less distracted while driving. 

More and more customers are realising that going with an insurance company who offers LoopMatics ultimately benefits their wallets, not to mention their road safety. They therefore factor this in when shopping for a new premium.

Insurers would do well to take advantage of this too, as investing in LoopMatics technology not only attracts new customers – It attracts the right customers. Those who want to drive responsibly and are prepared to accept your help in doing so. 

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