Insurers: What Can You Do To Help Your Customers Become Safer Drivers?

Every good insurance company knows the key to success is making sure their customers are safe and road accidents are kept to a minimum. This way they can continue to offer the best coverage for the most affordable price.

However, they need their customers to also play their part, and drive as safely as they can. Many customers are already incredibly careful drivers, but others may need our support in improving their skills.


Here are five ways we can help them achieve this:

1. Stress the importance of obeying the law

Laws exist for a reason. Even if your customers disagree with some of them, laws still must be obeyed. Not following them does nothing to help your customers from a safety or financial point of view. 

The more laws they break, they are at more risk of having an accident. Make customers aware of the consequences if they are found to be responsible for an accident. Especially if they were breaking the law when it happened.

It benefits them and you for them to understand this. Accidents happen, but they can be minimised by obeying the law.


2. Encourage regular car maintenance

A clean and well-maintained car is a safer car. Wear and tear can be kept to a minimum, and problems can be spotted and resolved before becoming a danger. 

The longer people have a car, the less pride they tend to take in it. This means everything except legally mandatory maintenance, like MOT and servicing, often falls by the wayside.

Always encourage customers to keep their cars clean and maintained. Ultimately this will make their vehicle safer to drive, helping keep their premiums down. That is what they care about.


3. Offer regular tips on current trends

As a motor insurance company, you’ll naturally keep up to date on current trends and threats to road safety. Make an effort to inform your customers of this information. 

Consider creating and advertising an informative blog or running text and email campaigns geared around road safety. You could even create monthly questionnaires about these topics and reward participation through discounts or prizes. 

This will encourage engagement and make sure your customers go out of their way to learn information that will keep them safe. People love chasing a bargain, so help them do so in an educational way.

You can also share real data with them. This way your customers can see that your efforts are motivated by a genuine desire to keep them safe rather than just another marketing ploy.


4. Incentivise your customers 

Many customers will roll their eyes at or ignore data and other efforts to encourage them to drive safely. Many will just go back to doing what they always do and resist your methods.

But incentivising your customers through monetary gain (or savings) is always a reliable motivator. Even if your customers don’t seem to value their own safety, appealing to their wallets may get their attention more.

Always try to incentivise anything you do that is customer-facing. Human beings are often guided by a ‘what’s in it for me?’ approach, so make sure there is something in it for them.

Also reward customer loyalty and safe driving. Make these customers know they are valued and that they are your best drivers. If the safest drivers are treated like VIPs and have access to the best premiums, more customers will drive more carefully to attain these same rewards. 


5. Offer the latest innovations

Look to technology and the latest trends when adjusting your products. Right now, distracted driving is a major threat to road safety. Smartphone addiction while driving is a legitimate killer, but help is available. 

Consider offering telematics technology to your customers, such as Bluesona’s LoopMatics software. 

The technology helps drivers overcome distractions behind the wheel and aims to improve their skills with each journey. This d1dddata can be viewed by them on a daily basis, as well as being available to you as their insurer. The safest drivers can then use this information to justify why they deserve the best premiums. 

In time other customers will also want to earn similar rewards, so your customers who have LoopMatics technology installed (in their car and phone) will work hard to become safer drivers. In doing so, reducing their risk of having an accident. Also reduces your risk as an insurer greatly.  

Installing this technology benefits both the driver and insurer in the long run and represents a worthwhile investment. 

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