Even a split-second distraction can end in disaster.

Research shows that you are over four times more likely to be involved in a crash if you use your phone.

Despite this, over 25% of drivers admitted using their phones behind the wheel.

The Loop system brings car safety into the 21st century. The device and app allows the user contact with their phone, whilst mimising those needless distractions that come with it.

Stay assured
Stay informed
Stay in the Loop


We live in interesting times. Smartphones, instant messaging and social media are taking up more of our time than ever before. With the Loop App, drivers can stay focused on the roads, without the dangerous distraction of mobile notifications.

Loop brings together an innovative combination of hardware and software. Our in-car cuff blocks access to device soft-keys and activates the app upon insertion of the mobile device. Guardians are notified of the driver’s removal of the cuff while driving, encouraging safer driving habits.

Bluesona have developed the Loop with you in mind. Choose from one of our three tailored packages and embark on your next journey staying assured, informed and in the Loop.


Encourage safer driving habits and minimize dangerous distractions


Stay assured by helping your drivers improve their road safety awareness


Attain lower insurance policy costs through the use of system data and telematics


Smart phones are a major distraction when driving, especially for new and inexperienced drivers. Keeping the driver focused and alert is an important factor for road safety.

Loop is a new unique system that promotes safe driving and is especially developed to minimise smart phone distraction so that the driver can stay focused on the road.

Setting up and using the Loop is simple. Once the guardian downloads and installs the driver app on the drivers device, the guardian can create an account. They can then download the guardian app to their own device and login using their newly created credentials.

Once the driver Interacts with their phone when in transit the guardian will receive a notification via the Guardian app.

young driver


commercial driver

Even your most experienced drivers can be distracted by a text or notification.

In the UK alone, commercial vehicles are involved in nearly 1 in 5 road deaths – and that figure continues to grow. When drivers spend their working days behind the wheel, a responsibility falls on employers to help them stay focused.

Stay in the Loop with the unique system that promotes the safe driving of commercial vehicles. Developed to minimise smartphone distraction whilst driving, Bluesona’s innovative system helps your drivers stay safe on the road.


Distracted driving isn’t only dangerous for your drivers and other road users. Receiving points on your licence can drastically raise the price of you and your driver’s insurance policy. In other cases, apprehended drivers can receive large fines and further legal action.

We are hoping to start working alongside insurance companies to help lower customers premiums. By using the combination of our unique messaging service and also telematics we believe we can help reduce driver distraction.

If there are any insurance companies that would like to sit down and talk with us feel free to get in contact.