Loop is a unique solution to prevent distracted driving

Promoting safe driving with Loop: Our mission
is to make road safer and distraction free!

Solving the problem that
is Distracted Driving

Loop is a one of a kind solution to prevent distraction driving! Using a combination
of advanced software systems as well as custom engineered patented smart charger
to detect and deter distraction driving.

Your Data Your Way

Bluesona knows how important customer data is.
Most telematics products today are designed to collect a large magnitude of data from each vehicle. Which can often be overwhelming and complex for insurance companies. Thats why Bluesona only give you the data that is relevant and
essential in the claims and underwriting process which is driver

We have developed multiple pathways for Insurers to view and
retrieve their customers data, using our online administrative
portal insurers can get a complete breakdown and chart view of each drivers behaviour, or access your users data directly our
robust and speedy API.

Data Options







The Loop uses soft telematics which records when and where the driver started and ended a journey, start time, end time, distance travelled, and time taken to cover that distance, giving the full route travelled.

However, rather than using this for route optimization, the objective is to track infringements relating to phone use. Our "lock down" feature silences all notifications while the driver is in transit, allowing them to concentrate on their journey.

If the driver does interact with their device, Loop captures this information with location, date, time and speed that the interaction happened.

Ultimately, the benefit of the system is a reduction in the cost, time and reputational damage caused by collisions. By installing our system, insurance companies may offer discounts or incentives so in many cases the investment will pay for itself within a year or two, leaving any additional savings arrived at via lower collision costs to be enjoyed by the company.

What do Drivers get

Complete Driving Overview
View all your journeys and infringements in one place!
Stats Dashboard
Have a quick glance at your overall driving behaviour.
Map View
View all of your previous journeys right on a map!
From A to B with any infringements along the way.
Infringement Checker
Get an accurate street view of any infringements that occurred,
see the time and speed it occurred.
Journey Rating
Each Journey will have a rating out of 5 stars. The higher
the rating the safer the journey.

How to install Loop on your

Your insurer will provide you with all
the details on how to download and
install the Loop App, our software is
available across all iOS and Android

What is the Loop Smart Charger?

We have spent significant resources developing a custom engineered Smart Charge system to work alongside our Loop mobile application.

What is your online Loop Web Portal?

The loop comes with an online dashboard where drivers can log in anytime to get a detailed overview of all driving behaviour and previous journeys.

How much mobile data will Loop use?

We have optimized our mobile apps to minimise the amount of mobile data used when your Loop is active. The data will depend on the length and activity during each journey.

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