An Innovative product to prevent distracted driving

Bluesona was formed specifically to provide data and solutions on mobile phone use while driving, while assisting insurance companies with their claims and underwriting requirements. We harness the power of data, to build the telematic services of the future with a specific focus on phone usage. Our technology has been developed with the primary aim of monitoring and acquiring driving data.

Benefits of Loop

Reduce Insurance Premiums
Increase Road safety

The Loop combats Distracted Driving!

Navigate with Maps, Listen to Music,
Call your Insurance company. All while
blocking those annoying Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat notifications!
Our smart mobile application monitors your driving behaviour and logs and phone misuse!

A Unique hardware / software combination!

Bluesona combine to power of your mobile phone with our innovative patented "Cuff", This unique solution helps detect any misuse of your phone when in transit.