Kids Going Loopy For The Loop

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As with many great business ideas, Loop was born out of necessity. During Mel’s time working across Europe in the offshore renewable energy industry, he grew concerned when observing his teenage daughter embarking on driving lessons. How could someone so dependent on their smartphone drive safely without looking at their screen?

With that concern came the birth of Loop. The innovative system, comprised of an in-car cuff and intuitive app, allows parents and guardians to be kept informed of the drivers phone use whilst driving, allowing all parties involved to be kept in the Loop with road safety and careful driving. Throughout the conception, design and manufacturing of Loop, Bluesona have been committed to testing their products in the field with those who need them most: young and first time drivers.

With that principle in mind, Bluesona have been immensely fortunate to have secured the support of four secondary-level schools across the province, who have agreed to trial loop for 4 weeks, providing any feedback which can help us to bring road-users a better, more efficient product. St. Patricks Grammar, St. Mary’s, De LaSalle High School, and Down High joined Bluesona in testing the Loop system. Thanks to all who got involved!

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