Bluesona is device agnostic helping you to find the solution that best suits your driver’s needs


Bluesona knows that each company and their needs are different and we create solutions that suits their needs, we do this through our bespoke products that are secure and compliant.

Our scoring algorithm has been created to produce as accurate and consistent result every time. We prevent data bloat by giving only the relevant information needed. We help companies to gain an insight into a driver’s behaviour and gain a deep understanding of risks that may arise due to certain driving styles.

Analysis services that not only detects the most logical path of the journey but also determines the road information for better understanding of the types of roads drivers mostly drive. We intervene on behalf of the company to manage the driver and we do this through our Virtual Intervention Manager.

Analysis - Communication – Behavioural Change


Behavourial Driving


 Through our partners we offer a wide range of devices: 


  • Plug into a 12v socket
  • Out-of-the-box telematics solution
  • Smartphone is paired with the 12V device via Bluetooth
  • Captures FNOL functionality
  • USB charging port
  • Easily changed between vehicles at any time
  • Refresh Rate: End of each journey

Window Tag

  • Smart device which can be placed on the dashboard or windshield
  • Captures FNOL functionality
  • Refresh Rate: 2 mins

Battery Top

  • Self installed 
  • FNOL functionality 
  • Internal backup battery 
  • Refresh Rate: 2 mins


  • Internal backup battery 
  • Possibly additional vehicle information: Ignition Status, Seatbelt Monitoring, Temperature Alarm. 
  • Captures FNOL functionality
  • Refresh Rate: 2 mins