RAC spotlights the road risks of young driver distraction

Getting behind the wheel drivers are faced with many potential distractions that can increase their risk of collision. With the increase in mobile phone ownership over recent years for all age demographics, its usage when driving for young drivers who are often inexperienced drivers already, all too often increases the risk of collision even more dramatically. The RAC’s Report on Motoring has highlighted the risk of distracted driving on our roads. The response from the 14 million motor owners surveyed shows their concern over handheld mobile phone usage as a significant distraction danger.

Source: RAC Report on Motoring 2019

Almost 10 million drivers admit that they make and received calls when driving on a handheld phone and alarmingly the rate for young drivers between the ages of 17-24 is 51% for those who make or receive calls in this manner at least occasionally. According to the RAC, motorists are concerned by incoming calls and notification distractions.

Source: RAC Report on Motoring 2019

The survey also highlights that the activities which cause even more risk due to even greater distraction is also a cause for concern with young drivers. Bluesona develops software and hardware that create a safer driving environment. Loop is a one of a kind solution to prevent distraction driving! Using a combination of advanced software systems as well as custom engineered patented smart charger to detect and deter distraction driving. Our “lock down” feature silences all notifications while the driver is in transit, allowing them to concentrate on their journey.

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