Intervention Manager

Our unique Virtual Intervention Manager minimises driver risk by connecting with drivers through our driving campaigns, ensuring safer driving and helps decrease driving events

Virtual Intervention Manager

Our services and algorithms detects First Notification of Risk patterns where drivers need assistance.

First Notification of Risk (FNOR) to notify the relevant personnel and the driver of the driver’s risky driving behaviours. Enabling prevention over repair and reducing the possibility of the incident occurring. 

We will increase the driver’s awareness and encourage safer driving. Our automated digital powerhouse analyses driving behaviour data to detect patterns, recognise habits, and identify high-risk drivers.

Drivers who are considered high risk will receive intervention through in app communications, such as push notifications and also email campaigns that lead to courses targeting their high-risk behaviour e.g., Braking. We are working with content providers to provide safety information, videos, and quizzes in relation to areas that a driver is high risk in. By providing intervention Bluesona is empowering drivers to improve their driving style.

If a driver is showing no change in their driving style and continue with high driving events the company the driver is linked too will be alerted. We simplify the end-to-end process by engaging with the driver.

The Psychology

Changing Driver Behaviour

Our consumer technology products capture, analyse and distribute rich telematics data.

Cognitive Reinforcement

A combination of communication, in-app messaging, self-analysis, incentives and rewards, encourages behavioural change.

Founded on the principle of “protection over repair”