What Is Mobile Telematics & How Can It Keep You Safer On The Roads?

lady holding phone in window with loopmatics on screen

Mobile telematics refers to a range of products that keep track of the driver’s data. This is recorded in an effort to identify trends that can then be turned into practical advice to encourage safer driving. 

Motor insurance companies usually offer it through expert third-party organisations that supply them. This helps insurers provide more accurate premiums and essentially reward good drivers through monetary savings. Which along with improved safety, is the other main benefit of installing mobile telematics. 

Not only does mobile telematics enable safe drivers to save money on their car insurance, but it also helps all motorists develop their skills and awareness behind the wheel. The software shows their insurance provider how much they are improving, allowing them to apply for a better deal over time.


How Mobile Telematics Works

Mobile telematics is used through a plug-in car device connected to software installed on a smartphone via an app. This software monitors the driver’s behaviour, be it their everyday driving habits or their phone usage while they drive. So, if they decide to read a text message, the app will know.

The app tracks infringements such as texting behind the wheel and offers some practical methods to avoid this. Reading a text message as they drive would represent one infraction but replying would represent a bigger one – as this takes far more engagement and represents a more significant distraction.

The software would alert the driver to their infraction and offer support to encourage them not to do it again. For example, the app can silence all notifications automatically when driving starts to resist future temptation of distraction. 

The software also provides feedback after each journey, giving users a score. The app then provides insight into what they did well and where they could do better. The goal is to help them become safer drivers and save money by doing so. 

As mobile telematics is provided through the insurance company, they too will have access to this data, and it will influence their coverage – the cost of it in particular. Of course, drivers who want to continue doing things like texting behind the wheel will avoid such insurance companies and resist innovations like this.

But those who are more open to mobile telematics will ultimately reap the rewards. Some people are naturally safe drivers, and they will benefit the most from this technology. They will finally earn the insurance premiums they’ve always wanted and be able to back up why they deserve the lowest prices.


Bluesona LoopMatics

Bluesona’s aim is simple; we want to help reduce distracted driving. In doing so, we hope to make the roads a safer place and help motorists continuously polish their skills.

Of course, increased safety is its own reward, but Bluesona’s products finally offer safe drivers the best path to savings on their insurance premiums. But arguably more importantly, it will help drivers improve keeping themselves, their families and other road users safe. 

The good news is using their software/products is free to customers. All they need to do is go with an insurance company that offers the Bluesona product range. Bluesona get paid by the insurers, not through the insurer’s customers. 

More and more insurance companies are embracing mobile telematics, and Bluesona is leading the charge in the UK and Ireland. If you’d like to improve your driving skills, improve your road safety, and save money simultaneously, we’d highly recommend their telematics technology. 

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